Elevate Triathlon

Work One-On-One with a USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, starting at $79/month.

Begin With The End In Mind

We don’t believe in generic, copy-and-paste training plans. Whether you’re looking  to PR your next race, or make your first leap into the sport of triathlon– you need a custom fit training plan that can get you to your goal. Let us design a program that makes the most of your busy schedule, focusing on the essential workouts to maximize your performance.

A Unified Approach

Injury prevention and recovery are foundational to our training philosophy. Elevate brings a unique set of services together to help you maintain your health. Our athletes have convenient access to sports rehab and nutrition experts, and enjoy member discounts on massage therapy.

One Of A Kind Facility

Our 8,000 sq.ft. facility is equipped with the best training tools available. In fact, we’re the only facility in the state that combines all these offerings under the same roof…

  • 8 Station CompuTrainer Studio with SpinScan Technology (optimize wattage and cadence on the bike)
  • Two Endless Pools (with underwater cameras-see your swim!)
  • VO2 Analyzer (identify your anaerobic threshold and optimal heart rate training zones)
  • RQ Testing (measure your body’s fuel utilization during exercise, use nutrition to fuel performance)
  • InBody 570 (comprehensive body composition results: body fat%, lean body mass, hydration, basal metabolic rate, and more)
  • Strength & Mobility Training Equipment

SINCE 2003, Elevate Triathlon has been helping Utah athletes find their win. What’s your win?