SBR Cycles/Larry H. Miller Triathlon Club

TRANSITION TIMES, NUTRITION, WHEELS, PR’s and everything else that comes with it…  the triathlon season will be upon us before we know it.  I know, it’s only November.  But that means you need to hurry up and figure out what products to ask your significant other for Christmas.  

That being said, we want to make you aware of some exciting news.

SBR Cycles has had an impressive run over the last two years in both the road and triathlon scene.  This year they have established some critical partners and would like to grow the triathlon program similar to some great groups in Salt Lake.

First we want to announce that we have partnered with Larry H. Miller Auto Campus Provo as the primary sponsor.  Other sponsors include Cannondale, Tifosi, Felt, Cervelo, Reynolds, Taysom Tire and others.  This will create more exposure and help club members.

And here is the 2016 SBR Cycles/Larry H. Miller Provo Auto Campus p/b Elevate Kit:

tri and road kits

But the real news comes on the training side.  This year’s teams will also be sponsored and “Powered by” Elevate Fitness in Orem.  If you have not been to Elevate you are missing out on some state of the art training equipment. Elevate has dedicated itself this year to creating an environment that can make you the best athlete possible.  

How are they doing this?

  1. SBR Cycles, Plan 7 and Elevate have combined to give you the most professional cycling training possible in Utah County.  Dave Harward, arguably the premier cycling coach in Utah, has developed the top notch and popular “House of Watts.”  As an SBR Tri Club member you will receive exclusive discounts to the Plan 7 “House of Watts” program.
  2. Equally exciting are the myriad of training resources offered at Elevate.  They cover every aspect of triathlon training:  Computrainers, endless pools, core training, VO2 max testing, InBody Body Composition Analysis,  and an especially exciting nutrition protocol that is gaining popularity with endurance athletes.  By joining the SBR Tri Club and you will get up to a 50% discount on their tri-related programs.   Elevate will also be hosting a series of clinics on all aspects of training and racing.   Each Tri club member will receive a Free Body Composition Testing with the  InBody570. Learn your body fat percentage, lean body mass, total body water, resting metabolic rate and more.  
  3. As a tri club member, you will also receive a 15% discount at SBR Cycles.  When it comes to triathlon bikes, SBR Cycles offers the best selection in Utah County.  Cervelo, Felt and Cannondale are some of the most well-known tri bikes in the industry.  It is also clear that getting fit for a tri bike is one of the more complicated processes.  As a tri club member you will receive a 50% discount on the GURU fit system employed by SBR.  It is, by far, the best machine on the market.  Need a wetsuit for a weekend race, use your membership for a 25% on a wetsuit rental?

We hope you’ll join what will be the most exciting Tri Club in Utah County next year.  Hurry in and pay your dues and place your kit order before prices go up.  And let’s get ready to learn and race!!



Allan S.R. Sumnall

SBR Cycles


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