Physical Therapy


We are a private outpatient facility offering one-on-one personal attention and individualized care. Elevate is a single Physical Therapist clinic which means you will receive consistent quality care each visit. We specialize in the treatment of the body’s movement system including; bone, muscle, and joint pain and dysfunction. We treat patients of all ages, abilities, and walks of life.

We offer FREE 15-minute consultations with the physical therapist, for anyone who is unsure if Physical therapy is right for them. At Elevate our main concern is helping to create your very best self. For this reason we offer free gym memberships to all of our physical therapy patients while they are treating.

What you can expect on your first visit:

A diagnosis of your symptoms, an expected time frame of healing, an individualized treatment plan and information on what you can do independently to help address your symptoms.

What to expect on follow up visits:

Here at Elevate, we do not believe in having patients come in to our office, just to perform treatments that they are able to complete independently at home. For this reason, we adjust each treatment to your needs and vary treatment techniques and exercises in order to expedite your treatment process. You will receive one on one treatment each visit.

What we offer:

AQUATIC THERAPY: Working in our endless pools can help decrease pain and improve mobility as well as progress post-surgical patients faster than land therapy is able.  Aquatic therapy is also a safe option for working on balance and mobility with elderly patients.

CORRECTIVE EXERCISES: Often time it is not what exercise you are doing, it is how you do them that causes or corrects pain problems.  This process requires skilled hands on correction throughout multiple repetitions to change and correct movement patterns.  The majority of chronic pain problems can be corrected and many surgeries prevented with this process.

MANUAL THERAPY: Our manual techniques range from gentle stretching and massage for pain relief, to more aggressive instrument assisted or hands on myofascial release techniques. Most active adults have pain problems because of decreased mobility in specific areas causing musculoskeletal imbalances.

PAIN MANAGMENT: Not all pain problems can be corrected 100%. In this case, we offer pain relieving modalities including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, infrared light therapy, and compression therapy. We also offer advice and assistance for techniques or devices that can be performed independently at home to help manage pain.

SPORTS MEDICINE: Our physical therapist is also a certified athletic trainer and specifically trained to recognize and correct movement faults that can hinder your sports performance and eventually lead to pain or injury.  We also offer comprehensive running assessments that include a video analysis of your running form and corrective techniques.

FUNCTIONAL MOBILITY FOR THE GERIATRIC POPULATION:  We focus on strength, balance, coordination, gait training, and endurance training in order for you to be able to perform your activities of daily living safely and effectively.

POST SURGICAL CARE: Many post-surgical patients are release from medical care too early which results in long term impaired function. Outpatient physical therapy can help to bridge the gap between the functional difficulty you experience in the first weeks and months after your surgery and your long term goals and best possible function.

Our Therapists

matt_scott-01Dr. Matt Scott, PT, DPT, ATC is a board certified Physical Therapist who specializes in complex orthopedic conditions. He is specifically training in the Movement System Impairment or MSI model of physical therapy and graduated from the #1ranked physical therapy program in the country, Washington University in St. Louis. He is also a Certified Athletic Trainer and graduated from Southern Utah University where he trained with a variety of college teams and athletes. Matt’s focus on physical therapy is treating the body’s movement system in order to optimize performance and wellness rather than focusing on illness and generic treatment protocols. Matt uses individualized treatments for each patient and a variety of interventions that are backed by the latest research in order to reach your goals as quickly as possible.


nicole_handley-01Nicole Handley, PTA is a staff Physical Therapist Assistant at Elevate Fitness and Rehab. She graduated from Provo College, with an Associates of Applied Science degree, in the Physical Therapy Assisting.

Nicole has clinical experience in outpatient, subacute, neurology, and pediatric settings. She has had the opportunity to work with patients of all ages; from rehabilitating stroke patients, post-surgical patients, amputees, brain-injury recovery patients, sports-injury related patients, and patients who are in need of general conditioning.

Nicole enjoys creating personalized training programs for each individual to help aide them in their rehabilitation.


Schedule your appointment by calling our office at (801) 221-9060.

If you need to change your appointment, please be considerate of others and give us at least 24 hours notice, so that we may open that time up to another valued patient. 

Prior to your first visit, please call the office and give them your health insurance information so we can verify your benefits and eligibility. Your appointment should last approximately an hour. Wear comfortable clothes.

Appointments available Monday-Friday, 7am to 7pm. Additional hours are available based on need. So please call and let us know how we can better help you.

Billing Information

We accept most medical insurances.

We strive to provide the excellent, personalized service. Please feel free to ask our front desk about your insurance benefits and eligibility.

For questions, or to schedule an appointment– Call us at (801) 221-9060.